Luca Stazzoni

Capturing and portraying abstract thought as something tangible- distilling a cinematic moment with one image is my passion. My first significant collision with artistic experience was in my studies at the Institute of Arts of Florence where I specialized in Jewellery and Art History. At that time, I learned how to take the abstract and present it as something real, something visible to everyone. Studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence strengthened and defined my creative sensibility. I’ve always been drawn to the usage of large canvas to draw and paint. During that period of wider experimentation, I discovered the camera as a means of expression, which propelled me into my professional adventure, beginning in November of 2000. I have continued to explore and develop inventive techniques and skills with every picture I’ve taken since that time. I see every single shoot as an opportunity to depict not just a product, but also a value. It is actually the possibility to tell a new story using a design signature based on wide angles, and dynamic and unconventional, yet balanced points of view. My work is based on continuous experimentation aimed at transforming every single image into provocative storytelling. Each Darden photograph is the frame of a larger story…
17 Gennaio 2019